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Thanks @mealplanmagic for the awesome meal plan and prep tool you’ve created!! It has truly helped us with building our custom plans, grocery lists and prep summaries!


I am a licensed nutritionist and love your software.

B. Williams

I just finished making my meal plan! The macros were right on with what I was supposed be using, but thanks to this, I actually realized I wasn’t eating enough!!! So excited and love this program!


Finally something that shows me what to eat to see results.


I’ve been looking for something like this for a really long time, and this cuts out soooooo many hours!!! Thank you for this! :)


This is my first week meal prepping and this tool has been a life saver!


Build Customize Meal Plans

Discover Your Intake & Macros

Automated Grocery Lists

Generate Dynamic Cooking Lists

Weekly Meal Plan Summaries

Before I found MealPlanMagic I would spend my entire Sunday planning, shopping, and cooking and was always exhausted.  Now I have my Sunday's back and am more organized than ever before!

J. Landon

When I was fat I just always assumed I would be fat, because that was my entire identity…..then a friend showed me MealPlanMagic and it all changed.


My husband and I meal prep and your product has been such a life savor for us! I love how both of our meal plans make a single grocery list!

Whitney M.

Sunday meal preps go soooo much quicker now!! Thank you thank you @mealplanmagic !!