What if I Already Have a Custom Meal Plan?

No problem!  It's easy to enter your existing custom meal plans into MealPlanMagic to bring them to life.  In fact, this was the entire basis for why this template was invented.  

The easier it is to implement your meal plan, the more likely you will be to follow it and succeed -- And that's what we want!

  1. A daily breakdown of the meal macros
  2. Printable reports including beautiful daily and weekly summaries
  3. Grocery lists that account for the change in weight of food when cooked so you always buy the right amount -- no more and no less.
  4. Food Prep summaries that aggregate the food you need to cook for the days you need it.  Take the math and guesswork out of the kitchen!  Just pick the days you're cooking for and know exactly how much to prepare.
  5. Learn how your custom meal plan stacks up to your body metrics.  When it comes time to change your goals, you'll know where to tweak and will see the effects in real time!

Meal planning and prepping doesnt need to be painful.  That's where MealPlanMagic comes in.  Give it a try!