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Which Somatotype Body Type Are You? Characteristics and Images for Men and Women

Somatotype Body Types for Men and Women by MealPlanMagic Custom Meal Plan and Meal Prep All-In-One Tool Template Software
Body type is determined by physique characteristics and linked to metabolic differences between individuals.  It can help explain why some people have a fast metabolic rate and a high carbohydrate tolerance, while others are naturally bigger boned and store fat more easily.  By accounting for these metrics in the creation of a customized meal plan, you are able to reach your body goals more quickly, with less frustration, and in a more healthy manner.  Every body is unique and reacts differently to certain foods and macro-nutrient ratios.  If you've been struggling to see results after following a diet plan or eating style, it's very possible that your intake and food types may not be in line with what your body is genetically programmed to require to achieve a certain body goal.  Use the images above and the quick reference table below to determine your body type: