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College Students: Tips for Eating Clean on a Budget

College Students Tips for Eating Clean on a Budget_MealPlanMagic_Template_Software_Meal Prep

As you compare notes with friends and neighbors who have college age students of their own, it doesn't seem to matter if the student attends school on the West Coast, the East Coast or somewhere in the Midwest. They are very likely to wage similar objections to why they cannot possibly make healthy food choices on a budget:

  • Grocery shopping takes too much time.
  • Grocery shopping costs too much money.
  • Healthy food doesn't taste that great.
  • Frequent snacking is a necessity, especially to fuel those late-night study and cram sessions.
  • There are too many temptations on campus (such as too many high-carb menu items in the dormitories and too many burger and pizza places in town).