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Which Somatotype Body Type Are You? Characteristics and Images for Men and Women

Somatotype Body Types for Men and Women by MealPlanMagic Custom Meal Plan and Meal Prep All-In-One Tool Template Software
Body type is determined by physique characteristics and linked to metabolic differences between individuals.  It can help explain why some people have a fast metabolic rate and a high carbohydrate tolerance, while others are naturally bigger boned and store fat more easily.  By accounting for these metrics in the creation of a customized meal plan, you are able to reach your body goals more quickly, with less frustration, and in a more healthy manner.  Every body is unique and reacts differently to certain foods and macro-nutrient ratios.  If you've been struggling to see results after following a diet plan or eating style, it's very possible that your intake and food types may not be in line with what your body is genetically programmed to require to achieve a certain body goal.  Use the images above and the quick reference table below to determine your body type:

The Ultimate Guide to Meal Prep Storage and How to Keep Your Meals Fresh

Ultimate Guide to Meal Prep MealPlanMagic Meal Plan Software Template

First things first: all of your preps need to go into the refrigerator within two hours -- and just one hour if your room temperature is 90 F or higher -- of coming out of the oven. Letting them sit out any longer puts you at higher risk of food poisoning. Food-borne illness causing bacteria can proliferate so quickly that they actually double every twenty minutes! Your delicious and lovingly prepared preps can become little toxin bombs in very little time, so please please please be careful to put it into the fridge quickly.  


Fail-proof Bulking Meal Plan for Muscle Building with Example

Fail-proof Bulking Meal Plan for Muscle Building_MealPlanMagic Meal Plan Software Template Prep.jpeg
Whether your goals are to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger or you're just looking to add few pounds of lean muscle mass, a bulking meal plan can help you get that chiseled physique that you crave.

Why a No Dairy Diet is Simple and Effective with Example Dairy-Free Meal Plan

Why a No Dairy Diet is Simple and Effective_MealPlanMagic Software Meal Prep Template Plan
Avoid digestive discomfort & clear your skin! Dairy is high in Vitamin D, Vitamin B-12, calcium, riboflavin, and phosphorous. Cutting it out completely can put you at risk of vitamin and mineral deficiencies, but it's fairly simple to find dairy-free replacements.  Here is an Example Full Day Dairy Free Meal Plan

Definitive Strategy to Naturally Increase Testosterone with Example Meal Plan of Foods that Boost

Definitive Strategy to Naturally Increase Testosterone with Example Meal Plan of Foods that Boost Meal Prep MealPlanMagic Software Template
Research has indicated that obesity can cut the testosterone levels in men in half. Nearly one-in-four overweight men may be at risk of low testosterone, but by modifying your lifestyle and losing weight (to the tune of about 17 pounds), your risk of low testosterone drops by 46%. By shedding the weight and filling your pantry with foods that boost testosterone, you can kill two birds with one stone.  Check out this example meal plan to boost testosterone.

Delicious Healthy Weekly Meal Plan Options with a Full Week Sample Meal Prep

Healthy Weekly Meal Plan Options with a Full Week Sample Meal Prep_MealPlanMagic Software

Plan Ahead to Avoid Getting Derailed

Find a day that you're well-rested and refreshed to do your weekly grocery shopping. Make a list to avoid forgetting important ingredients or impulsively throwing random items into your shopping cart. Don't go shopping while hungry – that's a recipe for disaster and overspending! If you make sure you're shopping when your stomach isn't grumbling and you don't feel rushed, you'll be more likely to adhere to your shopping list and your healthy weekly meal plan.

Browse the outer perimeters of the grocery store to stock up on fruits and vegetables. When it's time to navigate the inner aisles of the store, stay focused and stick to the staples that you planned for. Make sure you set aside some treats, however, so you don't feel like your diet is a dull and unappetizing; you'll be more likely to stick to it if you give yourself a good selection of satiating and pleasurable foods.

Glass Vs. Plastic: Choosing The Best Meal Prep Containers

Glass vs. Plastic Choosing the Best Meal Prep Containers MealPlanMagic Template Software Meal Plan
If you're about to make even a small investment in kitchen storage and meal prep containers, the debate between which is better—glass or plastic—probably has landed squarely on your table.

Cheat Sheet for Type 2 Diabetes Meal Prep with Example Meal Plan

Cheat Sheet for Type 2 Diabetes Meal Planning MealPlanMagic Meal Prep Template Software

What Foods Should a Diabetic Eat?

Those suffering from type 2 diabetes will need to take extra precautions when choosing foods to eat. Research has found that individuals living with the disease seem to thrive when they have a diet that is rich in fiber and green, leafy vegetables, and foods that have a low glycemic index. Try this example meal plan for type 2 diabetes!

College Students: Tips for Eating Clean on a Budget

College Students Tips for Eating Clean on a Budget_MealPlanMagic_Template_Software_Meal Prep

As you compare notes with friends and neighbors who have college age students of their own, it doesn't seem to matter if the student attends school on the West Coast, the East Coast or somewhere in the Midwest. They are very likely to wage similar objections to why they cannot possibly make healthy food choices on a budget:

  • Grocery shopping takes too much time.
  • Grocery shopping costs too much money.
  • Healthy food doesn't taste that great.
  • Frequent snacking is a necessity, especially to fuel those late-night study and cram sessions.
  • There are too many temptations on campus (such as too many high-carb menu items in the dormitories and too many burger and pizza places in town).

Meal Planning Strategies to Boost Fertility and Prepare for Pregnancy with Example Meal Plan

Meal Planning Strategy to Boost Fertility and Prepare for Pregnancy_MealPlanMagic_Template_Software_Meal Prep
Whether you’re still in the early stages of planning for a baby or you’re ready to start now, there are several foods you can incorporate into your diet to help boost your fertility. Your diet has a hand in your fertility health, and adding these nutritious food options to your meals might just give your fertility the boost you need. Some of the foods might surprise you.

Surpercharged Meal Planning to Prep for a 5k or Marathon with Example Meal Plan

Surpercharged Meal Planning to Prep for a 5k or Marathon_MealPlanMagic_Template_Software
Every runner has a horror story to tell about the time they bonked midway through the big race. They're flying comfortably along the course and suddenly things take a turn for the worse -- all motivation to finish flies out the window and their legs feel as though lead weights are attached to them. While it may seem like common sense to the seasoned runner, more novice runners may not be well versed on what to eat before a 5K or a marathon. By eating a diet that is optimized for runners, you can can successfully avoid injury and finish strong on race day.  Try these meal planning tips and example meal plan!

Transform Your Body as a Vegetarian with an Example Vegan Meal Plan

Transform Your Body Vegan Meal Plan_green meal prep containers with rice and vegetables_MealPlanMagic_Template_Custom Meal Plan Software
By definition, vegans eat zero animal products, including milk, eggs, and honey. If you want to incorporate more plant-based foods into your life and aren't sure where to start, a vegan meal plan can help you organize your next shopping trip. Focus on hitting all of your micronutrients, be smart about protein, and shy away from vegan junk food and you'll be fully prepared to transform your body with a delicious and healthy vegan diet.  Try this example vegan meal plan!