Nutrition is key to achieving the best physique of your life. MealPlanMagic helps you calculate your daily allowance goals and meal macros to lean out, cut fat, bulk up, build muscle, or maintain.  You can choose to follow recommendations based on your BMR (Basal Metobolic Rate) and body type, using precise formulas, historical methods, and well-known research.  Or, simply enter your own custom goals and macros.  Stop paying other people to do this for you when MealPlanMagic will do it over and over again as your goals change!


Even if you have the perfect meal plan to achieve your goals, the hardest part is actually implementing the plan into your life.  MealPlanMagic makes it easy to enter your weekly plan, generate and export grocery lists with pinpoint accuracy to save money, and summarize exactly what you need to prep efficiently.  You can account for what is already in your kitchen and even for the change in the weight of food after it's prepared to make sure you have exactly what you need -- no more and no less.  The software can support up to two users and will let you view grocery and prep lists for each user or combined -- perfect for couples or roommates that shop and prep together!  Athletes across the world use MealPlanMagic to build meal plans that  increase effectiveness with precision meal planning and food prepping.


With over 7,500 foods and nutritional values built into MealPlanMagic, as well as the ability for you to add and customize your food list and nutritional values -- everything you need to make the perfect meal plan is at your fingertips.  When building your meal plan, simply select your food from a drop-down and enter the unit quantity to automatically populate calorie, protein, carbohydrate, and fat values.

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